Governing Bodies

                                              Eastminster's Officers
Class of 2018                           Class of 2019                           Class of 2020
Sally McMillan                                                                              Nancy Bethune
David Morgan                              Rene Boven                             Pat Carmichael
Helen Wilborn                             Kelly Brandon                           Ginny Mickish                      
Janet Uthlaut                              Bunny Smith                              Lydia Rivera
John Hinkle                                                                                   Linda Strow
Alice Day                                       Rick Adle                              Linda Redman
Susan Gordon                              Bill Chittick                                 Bob Swift
Barbara Hinkle                            Chip Wilmot                            Beth Heckman
Patti Staten                              Carol Carmichael                        Peggy McCurdy 
Hannah Wilborn                             Al Stacer                                Scott Uthlaut
Clerk of Session: Scott Uthlaut
Treasure: Caroline Thompson



2018 EPC Committees/Chairs/ Members

Building and Grounds: Committee meets at 6:30 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Chair: Bob Swift *2020
Pat Carmichael
Larry Bentley
Skip Cloninger
Pete Craig
Hil Craig
Marjory Crawford
Henrietta Kisseih
Mike Gowland
Ron Hickes
Scott Uthlaut
Christian Education: Committee meets as called at 5:15 PM on Wednesdays in room 208A.
Chair: Patty Staten *2018
Mary Bentley
Alice Day
Beth Heckman
Ruth Parker
Mark Sauls, Staff Liaison
All Stacer
Caroline Thompson
Congregational Life and Care: Committee meets the 4th Monday of every month at 7 PM in room 208A.
Chair: Rick Adle *2019
Larry Bentley
Patti Staten
Sally Jackson
Al Stacer
Caroline Thompson
Janice Wilmot
Outreach: Committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in room 208A.
Chair: Steve Stewart *2018
Rick Adle
Bill Hutchinson
Richard Kellogg
Linda Redman
Mark Sauls, Staff Liaison
Janet Uthlaut
Personnel: Committee meets as needed
Chair: Barbara Hinkle *2018
Alice Day
Bill Chittick
Chip Wilmot
Linda Redman
Ways and Means: Meets the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in room 208A
Chair: Peggy McCurdy *2020
Aaron Smith
Caroline Thompson, Treasurer
Julian Wade
Bob Swift
Stewardship Co-Chairs:  Rick and Susan Adle
Weekday Ministries: Committee meets the second Wednesday at 1:45 pm
Co-Chairs: Al Stacer *2019 and Beth Heckman *2020
Janet Uthlaut
Mary Bentley
Mary Clarke
Celeste Sears, Staff Liaison
Joann Gray, Staff Liaison
Stacey Moura, Staff Liaison
Worship: Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm in room 208A.
Chair: Carol Carmichael *2019
Rick Adle
Susan Gordon
Cynthia Heckman
Marty Hillman
Ron Lee
Lynn Maxwell
Chip Wilmot
Senior Adult Ministry: Committee meets every 6-8 weeks on a Wednesday at 5:45 PM
Chair: Bill Chittick *2019
Pat Baumann
Nancy Bethune
Carol Cloninger
Danice Eaton
Bonnie Evans
Sally Jackson
Ginny Mickish
Ruth Parker
Helen Wilborn
Jeanne Simpson, Staff Liaison