About Us

Eastminster Presbyterian Church is one of 10,900 churches nationwide with a combined membership of more than 2.5 million. Together we make up the denomination known as the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Presbyterian denomination traces his history over more than 450 years, to roots in the period of the Reformation in 16th Century Scotland. Eastminster Presbyterian Church, with a congregation of approximately 300 members, is situated in the Smoke Rise community of Stone Mountain, Georgia, just east of I-285 near Atlanta.

From its beginning, Presbyterianism has emphasized Biblically based and spiritually driven discipline in personal faith and congregational life. Presbyterian mission efforts were prominent in the earliest Scottish churches, and have extended across the globe. Presbyterian missionaries have been, and continue to be present on every continent, serving prominently in Africa, Asia, and in Central and South America. There are now multiple times more Korean Presbyterians than American! Since the founding of Princeton University in 1746, and evident in the existence of more than seventy Presbyterian colleges and eleven Presbyterian seminaries, sound education, including a Biblical foundation, is of prime importance to Presbyterianism.

Theologically, Presbyterians reflect their Reformed heritage in the emphasis of (not necessarily in order):

  • The absolute sovereignty of God
  • The prevalent existence of sin
  • Incarnation of the Word in Jesus Christ
  • Dependence on God's grace for salvation
  • The primacy and authority of scripture
  • Covenant life with God
  • The necessity of the community of faith in discipline and worship
  • Responsible stewardship of self and creation

These theological themes, and others that belong with them, bind together our worship and our study of scripture, manner of personal life, and engagement in mission.

Presbyterian churches gather people who are serious about their faith and how to shape their lives according to God's commandments and teachings revealed in scripture. Knowing that we are not the perfect beings God made us originally, we rejoice in the forgiveness God gives now through Christ. We celebrate the good news that we can still turn away from our imperfections and toward the life God has commanded and Christ has embodied. Presbyterians acknowledge that we can live better lives, individually and communally, and are firmly committed to do so.