Christian Education

"We can lay claim to our identity as children of God by learning the story of our faith tradition. In response to that identity, we are called to be a part of the ongoing story of God’s love"


A number of siblings sat around the table reminiscing stories from their childhood. The youngest in the group piped up with a story herself.  At the conclusion of the story, an older brother laughingly chided, “You weren’t even born when that happened!” The youngster responded, “I know; I just wanted to be a part of the family.”

We all want to be a part of a family.  The wonderful news of our faith tradition is that although the stories are from a time long before we were born, we are invited to claim them as our own and to claim our place as a part of God’s family of love.  Every time a child is baptized, we rise and promise, along with the parents, to nurture the child in the Christian faith (i.e. share the stories) until the child is able to make his or her own affirmation of faith.  Join us as we nuture this family of love at Eastminster.