Online Giving

Online giving provides members with another way to give to Eastminster Presbyterian Church. Of course, you can still financially support EPC by placing checks/cash in an offering basket during the morning worship services each Sunday or mailing a check to the church office (5801 Hugh Howell Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087).

However, online giving also provides you with the ability to pay by electronic check, debit card, or credit card.

The service is provided through the Presbyterian Foundation and is extremely user-friendly. You can set up a one-time payment or recurring payments at various intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.). You can also set up an online profile.

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Why Give Electronically?

  • Convenience - There is no need to write checks or bring cash to church when contributions are made automatically. Your contributions are transmitted electronically and are deposited directly into the church bank account.
  • Consistency - Even the most committed churchgoers will occasionally miss services—and weekly offerings—due to illness, poor weather or vacation.
  • Popularity - Many families—especially young families—rarely write checks or carry cash. Instead, they conduct all of their business online.
  • Security and Efficiency - The program reduces handling of checks and cash, and it reduces the effort required on the part of volunteers and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do recurring donations work?

No matter which donation method you use, you will be asked to select a payment method, start date, end date, frequency, and contribution amount. On the date you authorize (or the next business day), donations will be processed and then deposited into EPC’s bank account.

  1. What can I use to show I made a donations?

You will receive email confirmations when you make online donations. In addition, the itemized list of electronic transactions that appears on your bank or credit card statement can be used as proof of your donations. You will also receive annual statements from the Presbyterian Foundation for any online donations, in addition to your annual statement from the church for cash or check donations. Both statements will be needed for tax purposes.

  1. How safe is Electronic Giving?

It is safer than writing checks or carrying cash to church. Secure donation services are provided by Presbyterian Foundation, click here to link to the website.

  1. How can I still participate in the offering during services?

You can still display a symbolic act of giving by doing the following:

Write “e-giver” of a piece of paper and place it in the offering plate.

  1. What if I need to cancel or temporarily place my donation on hold?

If you signed up online, you may go online to cancel or suspend your own donations.

Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.

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