Welcome to the youth info page!  We have lots going on so use this page as a guide for the basics of what we have going on at Eastminster.


Sunday Night Youth Fellowship

5 - 6:30pm

Youth Room in the basement


On Sunday nights we get together for food, fellowship, and study and we call it Soulplay.  Dinner is from 5 – 5:30pm and can be anything from pizza to some good ‘ole home cooking provided by one of our parents or church families.  After dinner we transition into activities that relate to the nights topic.  Guys and girls with quick thinking and creativity thrive here!  After our activities we move into the topic of the night, usually a Bible story or current event, and then we break up and discuss what we heard.  This is the central meeting for the youth.



We try to break up the routine every so often and do something fun with each other.  We have lock-ins, Wii nights, go to Braves or Gladiator games, and then have other events like turkey bowling at Thanksgiving and a Great Pumpkin Hunt at Halloween.  These are great times to bring a friend or to come for the first time!