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Eastminster Presbyterian Preschool was established in 1968 as an outreach of the church’s Weekday Ministries division.  The vision behind the Preschool was that it would serve the children and families of the Tucker, Lilburn and Stone Mountain areas by providing a quality, creative, and Christian learning environment for children six and under.  Since then, Eastminster has evolved and adapted, but held true to that 1968 vision of providing this service to the community with caring, full and loving Christian hearts. At Eastminster Preschool, our goal is to grow God’s children into responsible, compassionate, humble, loving, genuine, and caring human beings.

Eastminster Preschool believes that early childhood learning is best promoted through play and exploration with guidance by proven techniques and teaching methods.  All aspects of a child’s development are engaged through activities such as art and sensory, science, music, movement, stories, circle, writing and drawing, blocks and manipulatives, and dramatic play.  The classrooms are arranged in “centers” and as children play and explore in these areas, they learn concepts, language, early literacy, creative expression and socialization.  Outdoor play or indoor play in our gymnasium and meal times are also daily learning activities.  We offer monthly program enrichment through in-house and off -campus field trips and programs, weekly chapel, Music class.  At Eastminster Preschool, the teachers focus on the children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development; planned activities, the arrangement of the learning environment, the daily routine, and the play experiences strengthen these areas of development.

Music Program:

For the Twos and Threes, the music program focuses on learning through music and having fun in the process.  We do many activity songs in which the children learn to move to the beat, play rhythm instruments and expand vocabulary through song.  

In the Pre-K class, the children progress to learn the tones of the scale and the value of notes.  They practice counting and playing rhythms with the percussion instruments, playing tonal patterns with the bells and xylophones and making the hand signals of each tone in the scale while training their singing voices.  They begin to read and play music from the staff.  For all ages there is an emphasis in having fun with music, observing the holidays, and being patriotic and worshipful through music.


Please explore our website for program details for each age group.  Eastminster Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 1:30pm.  To schedule a tour or for Registration information, please contact the Director, Stacey Moura at

Eastminster Presbyterian Preschool does not discriminate in its enrollment based upon race, color, creed, ethnic, or religious background.