Four Year Old Pre-K Program

Eastminster Preschool's Pre-K Curriculum is based upon readiness activities that fours are ready to accomplish, keeping in mind that every child develops at his/her own time schedule. Many of these concepts take place during play, during group discussion, in music, and on the playground.  We use the ABeka Reading/Phonics curriculum, in addition to objectives compiled from Shaping a Curriculum for Fours- Ferguson-Florissant. We also use the Creative Curriculum as our structural guideline for our classroom design.  Our curriculum leads students to these developmental goals through various units that correlate with the seasons and material being covered in class.


To supplement our curriculum, we integrate the objectives and methods used in the Handwriting Without Tears, Get Set for School Curriculum, also used in Dekalb County.  All Pre-K teachers are HWT trained.  As a nation, we place great emphasis on the importance of reading and writing. Yet, when it comes to literacy, handwriting often is left out of the conversation. Researchers have highlighted the relationship between handwriting and composition skills. They are supporting what elementary educators see on a daily basis: good handwriting habits foster student success. Children need explicit instruction to achieve legible and fluent handwriting.  Thus, Eastminster Preschool integrates this into daily activity from signing in with their name each morning to specific lessons designed to teach them letter formation and recognition. 

Tuition for the Pre-K Class is $265 monthly and a Registration Fee of $265.


For more information on the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, please visit

In the beginning of each school year, Eastminster will host a Curriculum Night for the parents.  This gives you an opportunity to explore the curriculum and see what your child does each day!