Four Year Old Pre-K Program

Eastminster Preschool's Pre-K Curriculum is based upon readiness activities that fours are ready to accomplish, keeping in mind that every child develops at his/her own time schedule. Many of these concepts take place during play, during group discussion, in music, and on the playground.  We use the ABeka Reading/Phonics curriculum, in addition to objectives compiled from Shaping a Curriculum for Fours- Ferguson-Florissant.   Our curriculum leads students to these developmental goals through various units that correlate with the seasons and material being covered in class. Our ABeka Reading curriculum has been a GREAT success! Our PreK students are reading by the end of the school year!


To supplement our curriculum, we integrate the objectives and methods used in the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), Get Set for School Curriculum, also used in Dekalb County.  All Pre-K teachers are HWT trained.