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Theology School

Course II

Old Testament Prophets

Below you will find materials and links to each Wednesday Night program. Beginning on Wednesday the 25th we will meet using Zoom. To find out about Zoom to be prepared for the next program click here.

March 18 - Jeremiah

Jeremiah introduction video - link

Presentation in  PDF - download

March 25 - Ezekiel

April 1 - Lamentations

April 8 - Not Meeting

April 15 - Second Isaiah

April 22 - 1st Ezra, Haggai, and 1st Zechariah

April 29 - Third Isaiah

May 6 - Ezra and Nehemiah

May 13 - 2nd Zechariah and Malachi

May 20 - The Greek Period, Apocalyptic Literature and the Maccabees