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On Sunday mornings, we gather for Sunday School and for worship. Sunday School classes begin at 9:15 am for adults and  children. More information can be found below. Services are at 10:30 am and open to the public and available online. You may watch it below or follow our YouTube channel. Services are recorded and available here.

Streaming Troubleshooting Tips and Information

  • If the service is not showing and it is past time, refresh the page.

  • No video feed - refresh the page

  • Sound is out of sync - refresh the page

  • You may view the video in full-screen by clicking the box icon in the lower righthand corner of the video feed.

  • If the church experiences power or internet outages we will post what we can after the service.

  • Click Watch on YouTube in the bottom left corner of the video to watch the stream directly on YouTube.


The adult's Sunday school class will begin at 9:15 AM.

Join us for a 4-week study on The Redemption of Scrooge by Matt Rawls and based on Charles Dicken’s  A Christmas Carol. “We will learn about living with and for others in a world blessed by Jesus.”

 We will use the  Zoom conferencing platform to hold Sunday school online. Information about Zoom and getting ready to Zoom can be found on our Zoom info page. Please review that information if it is your first time using Zoom.

The children's Sunday school class will be in room 224 at 9:15 AM .

Children will use Celebrating the Nativity Season is a 5 lesson book beginning with Christ’s coming and ending with the wise men bring gifts to Jesus. Each lesson includes Bible verses, fun activities and games.

 If you or someone you know would like to join the Adult or Children’s Sunday School class, please send your contact information (name, address, email address, and phone number) to so they can be added to the email list to receive class activities and updates.

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